Coronavirus Update & Status

CURRENT STATUS:  the Dojo is currently closed until further notice.

However, we are continuing our Aikido practice with number of online programs. Please see the Virtual Schedule page for more details.

Letter from ​David Halprin Sensei:

Hi all,

A couple weeks ago we set Monday, April 6, to reopen the dojo. Today is April 3rd -- and clearly we cannot as yet open the dojo.

I very much appreciate everyone's support of the dojo.  

When we founded Framingham Aikikai we had the vision of creating a thriving dojo in the Metro West area that had the community spirit created by Kanai Sensei at New England Aikikai. As we reflect on the challenges of the COVID-19 situation, I find myself reflecting on all the elements of an Aikido dojo. 

At the center of a dojo is a community of people working toward a deeper understanding of Aikido. Part of that is working together to take care of the dojo, its members, and the teachings embedded within Aikido that all of us continue to work towards understanding and incorporating into our lives. The fabric of the dojo is woven from all of our contributions to the dojo community which we make through participating in regular classes, seminar trips, cleaning days, hanging out after class for extra practice or snacks and discussion and more. 

One of the great elements of a dojo, and one that has always been evident with our dojo, is that the membership will rally when something needs to be done. I recall our preparations to move to Natick two years ago, and all of the people who donated their time and effort to make the move so successful that we missed only a single day of practice. I also think back to just last spring when dojo members new and old arrived to both load and unload trucks, including members who weren't able to attend the seminar!

It's become evident that we won't be able to physically practice together for a time, but I have been very encouraged that our members are working as a team to produce virtual Aikido content until the dojo can reopen.   We remain together and united, and learning from each other, even now when we are physically apart.

We have begun Video Review sessions, Podcasts, and we are sharing written work on Aikido.  Live classes will begin this weekend in both the Framingham and Providence dojos.  And don't forget the wildly popular "send in a video of you doing the jo kata" contest!  There are more ideas in the pipeline.  

During this time, I truly appreciate the continued support of every member of the dojo.  This will make it possible to continue our training virtually for now, and in person as soon as we are able.   I am deeply grateful for every student of this dojo and I am proud of your continuing efforts.  For anyone out there who wishes to join in on the work (including our young students), please let me know and I will direct you to the right person to talk to.

Please keep yourselves and your families safe and healthy. Please use the resources we are making available, we really need your questions, comments and ideas.  
And again, thank you very much!!

​David Halprin Sensei