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"Simply awesome!" "I was really impressed by both the level and number of teachers that were part of the seminar." "Food and staff were excellent."


Who is the seminar for:

Meet Samantha - She's fairly new to Aikido training and she's loving it. She wants to train more, but doesn’t have enough experience, or the confidence to invest in a large expensive seminar. She's looking to learn more and make friends to advance her skills.

Meet Larry - He’d like to get away with his family during his Aikido experience over the long weekend. On his budget, he needs amenities that his family can enjoy on site and in the surrounding area that are free or inexpensive. He’d like them to join in the fun.

Meet Beth - She believes all Aikido practitioners owe a great deal to all of O Sensei’s students, among them her teachers. As a commitment to her practice, she'd like to learn more about Kanai Sensei's legacy and influence during this memorial celebration.  She’d like to experience the feel of the early days of Aikido in the US.

Meet Luke - When he can, he likes to do local, single day Aikido seminars. On a smaller budget, he’d like to be able to focus on his practice for an entire weekend without  all of the expenses of a larger event.

Framingham Aikikai it's hosting its second Kanai Sensei seminar over the Memorial Day holiday weekend - an all-star lineup of senior instructors, fun activities, and affordable prices. It will have a retro feeling recalling Kanai Sensei and the early days of Aikido.

Experience - a large group of senior instructors will be on the mat to celebrate the influence of Kanai Sensei. Review his singular techniques and learn something new. (though we want to focus on Kanai Sensei, other of our teachers will also be represented.)

Celebration - the celebration of Kanai Sensei doesn’t end on the mat, the seminar will provide daily opportunities to relax, socialize and have fun.

Affordable Pricing - the aim is to give more people access to practice and have fun whether they are attending for one day, two or all three days. Priced to make travel and seminar costs reasonable, or even low (if you want to rough it!).

The seminar is open to all Aikido practitioners irrespective of experience-level, affiliation or style.

Robert Zimmermann - Shihan, 7th Dan - Toronto Aikikai
David Farrell - Shihan, 7th Dan - Commonwealth Aikikai 
David Halprin - Shihan, 7th Dan - Framingham Aikikai
Barbara Britton - Shihan, 6th Dan - Framingham Aikikai
Fiona Blyth - Shidoin, 5th Dan - Boston Aikikai

and more instructors to be announced...

Kanai Sensei Memorial Seminar - May 25-27, 2018 - a weekend of hard training and fun in Western MA.