May 25-27, 2018  - Kanai Sensei Memorial Seminar - Charlton, MA - Check out the event on Facebook and Eventbrite

Our Seminar

- Eight week class

- Curriculum: fundamentals of Aikido practice and introduction to Aikido philosophy.

- Fee: $80.

- No uniform necessary; practice in sweats.

- Low stress, relaxing environment.

- No experience necessary.

Past Events

May 16, 2016, Irvin Faust Shihan & David Halprin Shihan to Framingham Aikikai.
March 26, 2016. David Farrell, 7th Dan, Shihan, David Halprin, 7th Dan, Shihan, Barbara Britton, 6th Dan, Shihan & Kathy Joint, 5th Dan. To Framingham Aikikai for Kanai Sensei Memorial Seminar.
January 23, 2016. Barbara Britton, 6th Dan, Shihan, Fiona Blyth, 5th Dan, Shidoin, Stephanie Cook, 4th Dan, New York Aikikai to Framingham Aikikai New Year's Seminar.
November 14-15 2015. Kristina Varjan, 6th Dan, Gina Zarrilli, 6th Dan and Barbara Britton, 6th Dan to Valley Aikido. Tribute to and fundraiser for Lorraine DiAnne Sensei.
September 26, 2015. David Halprin, 7th Dan Shihan, Irvin Faust,6th Dan Shihan, Joel Posluns, 6th Dan Shihan & Yousef Mehter, 6th Dan Shidoin to Albany Aikido. The 30th Anniversary Celebration of Albany Aikido.
August 29, 2015. David Halprin Sensei to Portland Aikido. Portland, Maine.
August 22, 2015. David Halprin Sensei and Barbara Britton Sensei to Aikido of Westchester. Westchester, NY.
July 26, 2015. David Halprin and Barbara Britton tu USAF Summer Camp. NJ
June 6, 2015 David Halprin and barbara Britton to Portsmouth Aikikai. Portsmouth, NH
May 15-17, 2015 Barbara Britton Sensei to Aikikai de Colombia. Bogota, Colombia.
April 10 - 12, 2015. David Halprin Sensei to Aikido of Austin
April 18, 2015 Douglas and Silvie Firestone to Framingham Aikikai.
Jan 30 - 31, 2015 Penny Bernarth & Barbara Britton with special guests Peter Bernarth & David Halprin to Peachtree Aikikai, Atlanta 
January 24th, 2015 New Year's Seminar with David Farrell, Shihan, 7th Dan, here at Framingham Aikikai.
July 12-13: David Halprin to "Shihan-fest" Seminar at Aikido Schools of New Jersey
July 27- August 7: USAF Summer Camp, Galloway, NJ
June 20, 21, 22: David Halprin to Montregegie Aikikai, Montreal, Canada
April 4-6: David Halprin, Barbara Britton, Jo Birdsong, Dan Palmer to Aikido of Austin
March 28-30: Memorial Seminar - 10th anniversary of passsing of Kani Sensei : David Farrell, David Halprin, Barbara Britton and TBA at Providence Aikikai, Framingham Aikikai and Commonewealth Aikikai.
March 1: Barbara Britton to Portland (Maine) Aikido
Feb. 15: David Halprin & Barbara Britton to Aikido of New Orleans
Jan. 31: Barbara Britton and Penny Bernath to Peachtree Aikikai
Jan. 11, 2014 Barbara Britton and Sylvie Firestone, 5th dan, to Framingham Aikikai Annual Women Instructors Seminar
Nov. 16: David Halprin to Portsmouth Aikido
October 19: David Halprin to Bristol County Aikikai, Taunton, MA
September 7: David Halprin to Aikido of Albany
August 24: David Halprin to Portland Aikido
July 14: David Halprin to Aikido Schools of New Jersey
January 26: Barbara Britton and Penny Bernath to Peachtree Aikikai. Atlanta
January 12: Barbara Britton, Julia Freedgood and Fiona Blyth to Framingham Aikikai
Dec. 1 & 2: Barbara Britton to East End Aikikai, Pittsburgh, PA.
Nov. 3: David Halprin to Portsmouth Aikido.
Nov. 17 : Barbara Britton Shidoin to Aikido of Westchester, White Plains, NY.
August 25: David Halprin to Portland Aikido.
​July 29 – August 4: US Aikido Federation Summer Camp, Galloway, NJ.
June 23: Barbara Britton Shidoin to Montregie Aikikai, Montreal, Canada.
June 2: David Farrell Shihan to Portland Aikido.
May 5: Rick Stickles, 7th dan to Framingham Aikikai.
April 13-15: David Halprin & Barbara Britton to Aikido of Austin, TX.
January 2012 - New Year's Seminar at Framingham Aikikai with Barbara Britton, 6th dan, Laura Pavlick, 6th dan, and Sylvie Firestone, 4th dan. 
May 4: David Farrell, 7th dan, Shihan to Portland Aikido
May 18: Tests at Framingham Aikikai
May 30-June 4: David Halprin, 6th dan, Shihan to Colombia
​June 15: Seminar at Providence Aikikai with Robert Zimmermann, 7th dan, Shihan (Toronto Aikikai) and David Halprin
​June 28-29: David Halprin to Peachtree Aikikai, Atlanta

Upcoming Events