Etiquette is very important in Aikido. In general, etiquette is based on sincerity, common sense and consideration for others, but as a Japanese martial art, Aikido has its own rules as well.

Much of etiquette comes from Aikido's tradition and traditional Japanese martial arts etiquette; other elements come from awareness and common sense. Like most of its aspects, Aikido’s system of etiquette is fairly complex, but it need not be learned all at once. A good place to start is to know when to bow, and how to behave in the dojo.

Courtesy should be more than a formality; it should come from the heart and mind as well, so an open, positive, and respectful attitude will help you deal with many situations.

Please feel free to ask questions about  etiquette, techniques, or anything else. The instructors and your sempei (your senior students.) are here to help you understand the many aspects of Aikido practice, both on and off the  mat. This is part of their training, so you should never feel that you are wasting the time of more senior students when they are practicing with you, answering your questions, or helping you in any other way.

For more information, see the New Student Information Etiquette Section.