Youth Program

The Youth Program promotes self-discipline, confidence, awareness, compassion and fitness in a structured, safe and fun environment. Aikido, a non-combative Japanese Martial Art, is a great way to help children learn about cooperation, foster great social skills and learn to defend themselves. Our program focuses on helping children to use their minds and bodies to neutralize conflict by developing awareness of how humans think and move and by maintaining a balanced and centered position.

A typical class usually is comprised of two students taking turns as the attacker (Uke) and defender (Nage) to practice a particular technique demonstrated by the instructor. There are no competitions in Aikido: all practice is cooperative, with each partner working on the development of his or her skills while helping the partner do the same.


Monthly Membership: $50 ($45 if on credit card auto payment)

Gi (Uniform):  Available for purchase at Dojo

  • Light-weight Gi $55
  • Judo-type Gi $100  (for Adults)


Can I practice with my child?

Yes. We encourage parents to practice with their children. There is a small additional fee required. Click here for more info on our Family Program.

Are there tests or competitions?

Aikido has no competitions. There are tests, given periodically,  though not required, that enable the children to demonstrate their increasing skills and focus on a set of techniques. The tests, like the classes, are based on cooperative practice.

Tests usually take place bi-monthly. Children are promoted at the time of testing.

What is the age range?

The basic guidelines for the class are aimed at ages six to thirteen. Younger children are sometimes admitted if they are able to focus sufficiently. If you want your younger child to participate, please talk to the instructors about this. At around the age of thirteen, we encourage a transition to the adult program. However we try to manage the transition with a high sensitivity to the development of each individual student, and some student stay in the Youth Program beyond age 13.