As we monitor events around the COVID-19 virus, it is clear that the health of our Aikido community requires careful consideration about how and when we will be able to practice safely. It appears that these concerns will persist for some time, and require that we delay our return to practice a while longer. So, we have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Kanai Sensei Memorial Seminar.


Framingham Aikikai hosts the Kanai Sensei seminar annually. It is an all-star lineup of senior instructors, fun activities, and affordable prices. It has a retro feeling recalling Kanai Sensei and the early days of Aikido.

Experience - a large group of senior instructors is on the mat to celebrate the influence of Kanai Sensei. Review his singular techniques and learn something new. (though we want to focus on Kanai Sensei, other of our teachers will also be represented.)

Celebration - the celebration of Kanai Sensei doesn’t end on the mat, the seminar provides daily opportunities to relax, socialize and have fun.

Affordable Pricing - the aim is to give more people access to practice and have fun whether they are attending for one day, two or all three days. Priced to make travel and seminar costs reasonable, or even low (if you want to rough it!).
The seminar is open to all Aikido practitioners irrespective of experience-level, affiliation or style.